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Become a Therapeutic Riding Instructor

PATH Intl. offers three levels of certification for therapeutic riding instructors: Registered, Advanced and Master. Specialty Discipline Certification is also available for driving and interactive vaulting. Therapeutic riding instructors that teach at PATH Intl. Centers are required to achieve (one level of) PATH Intl. Instructor Certification status. Instructors may apply for any level of certification that they feel they are qualified to achieve, as long as the application criteria for that level are met. The criteria at each level details the skills and knowledge an instructor of that level must posses regarding Equine Management, Horsemanship, Instruction, Teaching Methodology and Disabilities.

The first step to becoming an instructor is to obtain experience working with individuals with disabilities at a PATH Intl. Center. Many instructors get their start by volunteering at centers as side-walkers or leaders. Becoming involved with a PATH Intl. Center is a great way to learn about therapeutic riding and whether or not to pursue certification.

For specific information on the levels of certification please visit PATH Intl. at

CTRC does offer Instructor Training / Shadowing, to qualified candidates and PATH Intl Registered Instructor On-Site Workshop and Certification Exam.

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