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Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic Riding is the core of our programs at CTRC. Through therapeutic and enjoyable equine assisted activities, riders learn horsemanship which stimulates physical, mental and emotional growth. As participants in Therapeutic Riding riders gain a sense of freedom and independence, experience accomplishments, interact socially, and learn new skills in a pleasurable environment.

It is the horse’s three-dimensional stride which makes Therapeutic Riding such an effective therapy tool. The horse’s movement simulates a normal human gait. This in turn stimulates the rider physically and cognitively toward reaching therapeutic goals. This gentle rhythmic movement helps improve balance, muscle control and tone, motor development and coordination, posture, strength and overall body awareness. And riders, many for the first time in their lives, can experience the freedom and joy of independent movement.

CTRC offers riding sessions throughout the year. Each session is orientated towards the participants identified horsemanship and therapeutic goals. With the combination of safety and therapy as priority, CTRC's PATH Intl., certified instructors, specially trained horses and caring volunteers provide a team second to none. Therapeutic Riding is offered in a group setting of 3 to 5 riders once a week for 1 hour and in a semi-private setting of 2 riders for 45 minutes. Group classes are organized according to age, type of disability and level of riding skill.

Participants may come to CTRC as individuals or as part of a school, recreation, therapy or other group. No clinical diagnosis is necessary to participate; however, participants must have a need for our specialized, therapeutic environment. View our Fee Schedule for detailed pricing information.

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Looking for further information on CTRC's Therapeutic Riding program? Contact , Program Director, or call 303.652.9131.

Also check out our FAQ page for answers to common questions about CTRC’s programs.

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Therapeutic Riding Quick Notes:


Group TR is 1 hour/week
  • Semi-Private TR is 45 mins/week
  •   TR is lead by PATH Intl. certified Instructors.
  •   Cost varies session to session. See Fee Schedule.
  • CTRC does not work with any health care provider for billing. We will, if asked, provide clients with paperwork/receipts when seeking their own reimbursement.

Class Time

"Riding is a partnership. Together you can achieve a richness that neither alone can."

-- Lucy Rees

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