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Volunteer Salutes

Meet our recent Volunteers of the Month! We joyously recognize the outstanding efforts of our Volunteers of the Month for all that they do. These volunteers have gone above and beyond the already high standards of CTRC volunteers. We thank them for the hard work, commitment and endless talent they bring to CTRC's program.

VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR 2013 - Hara Sitnick


CTRC has many, many incredible volunteers - summer camp's exceptional teens that bring boundless energy and enthusiasm, class volunteers that go above and beyond in their efforts to connect with their rider and help lift them to their highest potential, and office volunteers that have helped the undercurrents of CTRC keep flowing. And then there is Hara - whom has been so committed to every aspect of our program - riders, horses, volunteers and administration. Hara strives to see each of these program aspects thrive so CTRC can truly provide a healing, therapeutic environment.

Let's start with the riders. Hara brings an exceptional level of awareness to all the riders and their needs that she works with. She has helped a very introverted, timid rider come out of his shell while respecting who he is as a person and helping him excel in horseback riding.

Then there is her love for our horses, especially her barn buddy Bill and until recently Anastasia. She has worked with both of them since she began in 2011. She brings to each horse she works with similar qualities that she brings to the riders - attentiveness to how they are feeling and an ability to change her energy according to their needs. The real special part is that Bill is probably the dirtiest horse on our property, or at least the most stained, and Hara, being a real neat freak still loves him with all her heart and remains patient with him even when he doesn't love to be groomed.

Then there is the commitment to the volunteers. Hara takes the time to genuinely connect with her fellow volunteers. It seems every time Hara is at CTRC she has made a new friend! In doing this Hara lays down a big piece of the foundation that makes CTRC the amazing, welcoming community that it is.

Last but not least is how Hara so willingly and enthusiastically helps CTRC behind the scenes. She checks in to see if there is anything she can do to help and she even brings ideas and initiation to help CTRC be more efficient in our administration. All in all enough great things can't be said about Hara.

Thank you Hara, thank you for all that you have done for CTRC - you help make us who we are!


VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR 2012 - Emily Harris

Emily H - Volunteer of the Year 2012 CONGRATULATIONS!

What a wonderful honor it is to bestow this award to Emily.

Emily's strong horsemanship skills,  dedication and quite charisma make her a versatile and treasured volunteer. Emily not only lends her time and talents to CTRC's Therapeutic Riding and Hippotherapy programs but to the Schooling team as well - all while attending school full time!

Emily decided to volunteer at CTRC, in 2006 as a high school senior, as she thought it would be a good fit since she's been around horses her entire life. Emily says, "When I first started volunteering I had no idea how big an impact CTRC would have on my life. I even decided to become a physical therapist because of my experiences at CTRC. The relationships that I have built with my riders and the other volunteers are very important to me. I feel like I have gotten even more out of my experiences at CTRC than I have given." 

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