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Volunteer Salutes

Meet our recent Volunteers of the Month! We joyously recognize the outstanding efforts of our Volunteers of the Month for all that they do. These volunteers have gone above and beyond the already high standards of CTRC volunteers. We thank them for the hard work, commitment and endless talent they bring to CTRC's program.

VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR 2015 - Staci Quillen

Staci Quillen

Thank you, Staci, for all you do!

Staci has volunteered at CTRC since 2009 and is a member of the Training Team, Mini Troopers and an outstanding lesson volunteer. Staci will volunteer in as many as 6 classes each week, allowing us to place her wherever she is needed most. She is also available to sub anytime, and often finagles her work schedule to help us out in a pinch. Staci comes in with a smile on her face each and every day and is so humble and unassuming, only here for the benefit of others.

Staci graduated OTA school (Pima Medical Institute) August 2014. Her day to day job is home health with older adults, so driving anywhere from Broomfield to occasionally Parker in N-S direction and Golden to Brighton in W-E to do therapy with older adults in their homes. Usually people who've had various joint replacements or fractures, or strokes, or are generally weak due to respiratory or heart issues... or a combo of all of the above. Hours vary a lot, but usually between 15 and 32 hrs/wk depending on her caseload.

Staci's husband is really handy with construction-type projects they frequently remodel or build something new at the house. Staci also has three rescue dogs, so she likes to just hang out with the dogs, watch movies, go thrift store shopping, and usually spend Sundays hanging out with her husband's family.

Staci also participates in Classic Riding lessons at CTRC, and she gets together once a month with some of her friends from middle school and high school and they trade off hosting/cooking

Staci hopes to eventually incorporate Hippotherapy into her OTA practice and work more with kids. Staci thinks the whole atmosphere at CTRC makes it one of her favorite places to be; she loves the horses and the people and says it always feels fun and welcoming. Even on days she doesn't think she feels like going, she always feels great once she's here. Staci said, "volunteering at CTRC inspired me to pursue my current career, so that's a bonus, too."


VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR 2014 - Elise Brenninkmeyer

Elise Volunteer of the Year

Thank you, Elise, for all you do!

Elise has been a part of the "CTRC Family" since 2005 and has become more and more involved over the years. She is a dedicated member of the Barn Team, Training Team and is also a regular lesson volunteer. She is incredibly nurturing with our horses and does a stellar job helping our new volunteers learn the ropes. She goes at everything with a huge smile, a great sense of humor and fierce enthusiasm. Outside of the center, you can see Elise supporting CTRC at events celebrating her fellow volunteers, raising her hand to bid at our live auctions at our annual Gala and promoting CTRC whenever she has the chance. Elise leads a very active life and we are so lucky she carves out so much time to spend with us.

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