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CTRC accepts a very limited number of candidates whom we believe meet all the requirements necessary for conducting safe, effective lessons the opportunity to shadow as an Instructor-in-Training with one of our PATH Intl. certified instructors. The end result of this experience is to prepare candidates for the final step necessary in order for them to take the PATH Intl. Registered Instructor Certification exam.

The following are prerequisites for being considered as an Instructor-in-Training at CTRC:

  • Must have completed PATH Intl. Phase 1 Process for Registered Instructors prior to entering CTRC’s Instructor-in-Training Program.
  • Must furnish a copy (dated within the past 6 months) of the PATH Intl. Instructor-in-Training Status Letter as proof of completion of PATH Intl. Phase 1 process for Registered Instructors.
  • Must furnish references and copies of current CPR and First Aid cards.
  • Must demonstrate solid understanding of stable management and horse knowledge, as demonstrated by catching, leading, grooming, and tacking one of CTRC’s horses.
  • Must be able to ride a variety of horses at the walk, trot and canter, as demonstrated during a mounted evaluation conducted at CTRC. You must also demonstrate a basic understanding of trotting diagonals and canter leads, as evidenced by being able to execute the PATH Intl. Registered Level Instructor Riding test.
  • Must have volunteered/worked for at least 50 hours in classes at the Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center (volunteer work at another PATH Intl. center or established equestrian center may be considered).
  • Must have proof of previous experience working with people with disabilities; and/or working with people in a learning environment; and/or teaching able-bodied riding (experience volunteering at a therapeutic riding center will be considered).
  • Must be able to commit to a consistent Instructor-in-Training schedule of at least three to five classes per week for a 10-week session.

If CTRC does accept you as an Instructor-in-Training, you will also be required to:

  • Attend at CTRC a New Volunteer Training and complete the volunteer application and signed confidentiality form if not already done so.
  • Complete a form stating that you understand your responsibilities as an Instructor-in-Training.
  • Pay a non-refundable fee of $250 two weeks prior to starting the Instructor-in-Training program (for 3-5 classes over a 10-week session).
Instructor In Training

Why become an Instructor-in-Training at CTRC?

  • We offer you the guidance and practical experience you will need to complete your required 25 hours of teaching.
  • With the diverse clientele at CTRC, you can gain exposure to and experience serving a wide range of special needs.
  • All of CTRC’s instructors are professionals that are highly qualified in the delivery of therapeutic riding and offer mentoring  in volunteer management, horsemanship skills, teaching strategy, and disability knowledge.
  • We want to see you succeed and will do all that we can to assist you in preparing for the PATH Intl. Certification exam. However, this is no guarantee that you will pass your PATH Intl. Certification. The lesson and teaching preparation and safe and effective execution at the exam are up to you as is the execution of the riding pattern.