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GIVE a GIFT that won’t go out of style or expire but will CHANGE A LIFE. GIVE to PAINT the PONY!

Gifts to CTRC are 100% tax deductible and directly support riders in their journey to achieve therapeutic goals; the steady stride of every therapy horse; and the life enhancing equine assisted services provided by CTRC!


Paint the Pony – Annual Campaign

PAINT THE PONY is the Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center’s (CTRC) Annual Campaign. As a FUNDRAISER and a FRIENDRAISER, Paint the Pony strives to raise much needed funds, recruit new volunteers and create a greater awareness about CTRC in our community. Get the Paint the Pony brochure in which we convey why Paint the Pony is so important, share rider stories and demonstrate the impact of your gifts on CTRC!

Dedicated to those we serve means we work on the guiding belief that finances should never be a determining factor in whether a client is able to experience the benefits of CTRC’s equine assisted services. Acutely aware of the significant financial demands that the majority of our families face (individuals with disabilities typically incur substantially greater expenses related to medical care, education, transportation, recreation, and even daily living), CTRC charges a fee-for-service no greater than 1/3 the cost of a lesson. Therefore, gifts account for over 2/3 of the cost of every lesson.

Fee Circle


Fighting with a Smile

It is no wonder Grace was our Youth Rider of the Year in 2016. She is a fun loving, positive young woman with an amazing laugh! This young rider has overcome amazing odds and continues to grow and heal each day. She began riding with us in the summer of 2014. She is a leukemia survivor, who struggles with epilepsy. She was diagnosed with epilepsy 5 years ago and experiences many different types of seizures including, partial, absence, but most significantly, drop seizures. However, this doesn’t stop her from coming to the barn and riding her beloved horse, Ozzie. She faced major brain surgery this year in hopes to eliminate the drop seizures, and is seeing improvement. Just weeks after surgery, she got back in the saddle, and lit up the barn with unrelenting positivity! As soon as she walked into the barn, her friends gave her a hug and a huge smile. She is constantly encouraging her teammates while riding and is always up for a challenge. She is working on regaining balance, as well as posting the trot. Grace embodies so much of what CTRC is about—a supportive community and a chance for our riders to be simply that—a rider and horse exploring the confidence, strength, and love that can come from an equine partnership.

Fearless Focus

Aiden has been riding since he was 3, and his excitement to be at CTRC is infectious. His legal blindness doesn’t stop him from fearlessly getting atop his trusty steed each week for hippotherapy. Aiden has cerebellar atrophy that impacts gross and fine motor skills, as well as speech. His mom reports a big increase in his stability from riding, which helps in sitting balance and even in speech. His articulation, volume, and breath support have improved, and his sentences are longer. Likewise, trunk stability helps him with mobility in his walker. He also loves “fine-tuning” his more precise motor skills on the sensory trail. One of Aiden’s favorite things to express is gratitude; he always makes sure to bring apples for his horse to thank him after class!

A Determined Horseman

Benjamin began riding at CTRC over 15 years ago in hippotherapy  and now has transitioned to Therapeutic Riding for the added social benefit of group classes.  Born with a developmental delay and a seizure disorder, Benjamin came to CTRC at 5 years old to work with our our physical therapist, Jill. He has made huge gains in strength, stamina, and balance over his tenure at CTRC. These gains in balance and strength have allowed him to ride with just minimal help from his side walkers for stability, he can sit more upright on his horse, Cashew. Indeed, previously he could only ride for 30 minutes before fatigue would set in- now he rides a full 45-minute lesson, and leaves his wheelchair to walk up the ramp! He is now working on holding his reins independently and makes good use of our adaptive tack, like communicating his preference for fuzzy reins. Benjamin is one of our most dedicated riders—you can be sure to find him here each week!  Benjamin is nonverbal but will regularly laugh in delight after a short trot—an amazing expression of the joy riding offers him.

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