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Rider Session Registration

Rider session registration occurs prior to the start of every session and is ONLY for current riders, past riders, and riders who have successfully completed an evaluation. If you have NOT COMPLETED AN EVALUATION at CTRC, please DO NOT submit the online registration form.

If you have questions about registering or the registration process please contact us.

  • Participants register based on their assigned category:
  • Early Registration – Available only to current riders, early registration lasts for 6 days and provides a chance to secure a spot before the first come first serve implementation of open registration. *Eligiblity for early registration expires at the end of early registration.
  • Open Registration – Available to past and new riders that have completed the New Participant Packet and an evaluation. Open registration is conducted on a first come first serve basis.
  • Registration is held prior to the start of each session and completed registration forms may be completed online or downloaded and mailed, faxed or handed in at CTRC.
  • We will do our best to accommodate your first and second day and time preferences but can’t guarantee placement.
  • Every participant must have a current Medical History & Physician Statement on file in order to ride. A rider’s medical form must be updated yearly. Riders will not be allowed to ride without a thoroughly filled out, signed by a MD, DO, NP or PA and dated form. Forms may be submitted to CTRC via mail, fax (303)532-0164 or handed in at CTRC. Riders are permitted to ride up until the medical form expiration date and not beyond until a new medical form is on file. Get Medical Form | Get Seizure Form
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the email on record indicating the rider, day, time and instructor prior to to the start of the session.
  • In order to ensure coordinated care, CTRC staff and volunteers are provided with information about participant’s abilities/disabilities.
  • CTRC will assess a $25 late fee for forms turned in after the registration deadline.
  • Payment or a payment arrangement is due at time of registration; without it registration is considered incomplete.
  • Payment Plans are available! You must complete and sign a payment plan form, and submit half of the total payment by the registration deadline in order to take advantage of our payment plan and register for the current session.
  • If you are utilizing agency funding, list the contact name and number so payment can be verified.
  • Only when payment is received/arranged are you confirmed.
  • After the registration deadline, full session refunds are offered for documented illness or injury only.
Group classes are organized to assist riders according to age; level of riding skill and horsemanship;and overall rider ability. Group classes are sometimes combined, e.g. level 1 /2; kinder/elementary.

LEVEL 1 – Kinder / Elementary / Teen / Adult
Highly supported or beginner riders. Riders require direct assistance at the walk and trot throughout lesson. Volunteer needs: often 1 – 2 side walkers and a horse leader. Riders may begin to learn horsemanship with some help in tacking/untacking and grooming/leading of horse with absolute assistance, factoring in ambulatory abilities.

LEVEL 2 – Kinder / Elementary / Teen / Adult
Novice riders. Riders are showing emerging independence at the walk but still require assistance at the trot. Volunteer needs: horse leader needed, with possibility of side walkers. Riders will work towards horsemanship independence including, leading horse from class, tacking/untacking and grooming with supervision and moderate assistance, factoring in ambulatory abilities.

LEVEL 3 – Kinder / Elementary / Teen / Adult
High Novice riders. Riders may require minimal assistance at the trot, and are completely independent at the walk. Volunteer needs: Horse leader but generally no side walkers. Riders are able to, tack/untack their horses, groom and lead horses with supervision and minimal assistance, factoring in ambulatory abilities.

LEVEL 4 – Elementary / Teen / Adult
Intermediate riders. Riders are completely independent at the walk and trot. Riders may begin canter work. Volunteer needs: horse leader may be needed for riders with ambulatory needs – no side walkers needed. Riders will lead, groom, tack and untack their horses, factoring in ambulatory abilities.

LEVEL 5 – Elementary / Teen / Adult
Advanced riders. Riders are confirmed independent at the walk trot and canter. Riders may begin learning to jump. Volunteer needs: none needed.

Led by licensed therapist for 30 minutes. Volunteer needs: must have horse leader and 2 sidewalkers.