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Volunteer Salutes

Meet our recent Volunteers of the Month! We joyously recognize the outstanding efforts of our Volunteers of the Month for all that they do. These volunteers have gone above and beyond the already high standards of CTRC volunteers. We thank them for the hard work, commitment and endless talent they bring to CTRC’s program.

2017 Volunteers of the Month

LLindemann DGisle JHill
Lori Lindemann
Donna Gisle
Joe Hill
Jen Trotter
Trevor DiMartino
Amy Cissell

2016 Volunteers of the Month

WGardner AWalters SWhite SLacour
Wayne Gardner
Amanda Walters
Sam White
Sarah LaCour
KPeterson BLivengood MClark SWynfield
Karen Peterson
Bonnie Livengood
Marc Clark
Sasha Wynfield
kmethfessel hsitnick dcrouse EEhr
Karen Methfessel
Hara Sitnick
Donna Crouse
Emily Ehr

Bonnie Livengood has been a volunteer at CTRC since 2012 and is quite the talented “all around helper.”  She’s a member of the Training Team, Barn Team, Mucking Team and Schooling Team and is a devoted lesson volunteer. Bonnie is an exceptional horse woman and leads horses in many classes per week, as well as subs on a regular basis to help as much as she can! Bonnie always shows up with an incredible attitude and is a delight to be around. We are so lucky to have her at CTRC!

Bonnie also participates in Classic Riding lessons, expanding her equine knowledge even more! She knows that every horse can teach her something different and is always looking to improve her skills. She has a high level of respect for horses and is a strong believer in how they can impact the mind and soul of humans in the most positive ways. She loves everything about CTRC’s uplifting environment. The horses, riders, and volunteers all make her feel like it’s her home away from home! As she says, “I came for the horses, but I stay for the people.”   She thinks that volunteering at CTRC is the perfect activity, because it is outside, service, social, exercise, and with horses!

Outside of CTRC, Bonnie is passionate about the outdoors, hiking, volunteering at Columbine Unity, and her ongoing spiritual development activities. We are so beyond blessed to have such a talented, kind-hearted, committed volunteer! She has enriched the lives of so many people!