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Just follow the steps below and you’ll be on your way!

The Volunteer Application includes an Information Form, Consent & Release Form, Volunteer Job Description and Confidentiality Policy.

This can be done in one of the following ways…
• Fax to 303-652-2072
• Email to Volunteer Coordinator
• Mail to CTRC (11968 Mineral Rd, Longmont, CO 80504), ATT Volunteer Coordinator

If you are 18 years or age or older you MUST complete a background screening via the Verified Volunteer Screening process before you can begin volunteering.

Multiple on-site New Volunteer Trainings and Horse Handling Clinics are held throughout the year for those interested in lesson volunteering.

*RSVP is required. Space is limited. Email Volunteer Coordinator or call 303-652-9131 to RSVP.

What is covered at New Volunteer Training?
Although trainings are comprehensive we understand you may have more question or need a reminder or two. We are here to help, always.

  • Mission and history of CTRC
  • Volunteer opportunities, policies & procedures
  • Horse safety & ring etiquette
  • Mounting and dismounting procedures
  • Rider support tactics
  • and much much more….

After attending a New Volunteer Training, volunteers will be able to side walk in classes. Horse leading is dependent on demonstration of horse handling skills.

*RSVP is required. Space is limited. Email Volunteer Coordinator or call 303-652-9131 to RSVP.

What is covered in a Horse Handing Clinic?

  • Instruction on how we like our horses handled. To limit the stress on the CTRC horses, we strive for consistency from all horse leaders.
  • Volunteers are given the opportunity to practice horse leading and going through the mounting process with a variety of our horses.
  • We also cover emergency procedures, horse body language, tactics to approaching horses, tying rope halters, making corrections, and what to do during the warm-up time.

Become a Volunteer

As home to one of the largest volunteer programs in our area, with over 1,000 volunteers a year, CTRC relies heavily on the invaluable skills, talent and time of volunteers. Volunteers at CTRC not only deliver services to our courageous  riders weekly but in a broad range of areas like schooling horses, facility maintenance, taking on office tasks and assisting with special events and fundraisers  each year.

At the heart and soul of CTRC’s programs are our volunteers. Anyone ages 14-15 with prior horse experience or 16 years old+ can apply for volunteering opportunities at CTRC. Our volunteers run the gambit from retirees to students, but they are all at CTRC to make a difference. No matter what your skills or special talents are, it is likely that we have a place and a need for them at CTRC! We provide all the training you need to be part of the CTRC volunteer community in the arena and out. We also extend to volunteers opportunities to learn about about disabilities, develop or hone horse handling skills and experience the power of the human-animal bond while increasing physical fitness and enjoying the social benefits of volunteering.

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  • bv_teenleaders


  • The minimum age for volunteers is 14 with horse experience (and contingent upon interview) or 16 without horse experience.
  • Volunteers MUST complete a background screening via the Verified Volunteer Screening process with the exception of Group Volunteers (project based) and Court Mandated volunteers. CTRC cannot accept applicants into our volunteer programs who have been arrested for, or convicted of, crimes against persons and/or animals.
  • ALL volunteers are required to attend a New Volunteer Training.
  • Volunteering in therapeutic riding lessons and hippotherapy sessions involves moderate physical activity. Make sure you are comfortable with the physicality of the role you have selected, as you will be walking and doing some jogging in a sand arena and on your feet for up to two hours. If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity that is less physically demanding, volunteering in the office or mucking stalls is a great alternative!
  • Lesson volunteers do not need to have previous horse experience but a level of comfort with horses.
  • Lesson volunteers must be available a minimum of 2 hours per week (same day and time each week) OR volunteers can be subs in classes, subbing for the regular weekly volunteers as needed.
  • New volunteers are allowed to register after attending a New Volunteer Training and are scheduled based on interest, experience and availability.
  • CTRC reserves the right to make the final determination as to the appropriateness of volunteers for our organization.
  • CTRC does enforce a dress code to ensure the ability of volunteers to perform in their roles as well as to set examples for CTRC riders.

Volunteer Survey Results

To ensure that each volunteer’s  time is used wisely and they are able to make a difference, CTRC continually seeks volunteer feedback. Although the Volunteer Coordinator, Instructors and other program staff provide considerable opportunities for volunteers to provide feedback on a daily basis CTRC formally gathers feedback annually through a volunteer survey. Results from the 2015 survey include:

As a volunteer, do you feel you are making a worthwhile contribution to CTRC’s program goals: 100%
Efforts made by CTRC to foster a sense of belonging or teamwork amongs volunteers: 89%
Recognition of volunteer efforts at CTRC reported as good to great: 97%
New volunteers felt training prepared them for volunteer role: 100%
CTRC meets or exceeds on conveying volunteer expectations: 97%
Volunteers given opportunities to make good use of thier skills and experience: 96%