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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering at CTRC is so much more than donating one’s time and service – it requires a willingness to be an active part of a larger community – a team that is vital to our continued success. Whatever your experience, your willingness to give yourself and your time, talents and energy is what is needed to support CTRC and the people we serve. Volunteers are the backbone of our services. Without them and their hard work and dedication our riders simply could not ride!

Whatever your experience with horses or persons with special needs we encourage you to join the CTRC team. Our skilled instructors and staff will train you on everything you need to know because when you volunteer at CTRC you have the opportunity to become an important part of the CTRC community and of the lives of our phenomenal riders. For many of our riders, their time with their volunteers and their horse is the most significant part of their week. By volunteering with us you are helping to ensure that our riders will continue to benefit from the life enriching power and potential of equine assisted services.


Lesson Volunteers
Volunteers who work directly with the riders and horses in our programs as either Horse Leaders, Side Walkers or both. Generally, lesson volunteers register to volunteer with one or more rider weekly per length of the session. Subbing is also an option for lesson volunteers. Lesson volunteers are CTRC’s greatest need. The majority of volunteers begin as lesson volunteers before exploring other opportunities.

Guidelines for lesson volunteers:

  • The minimum age for volunteers is 14 with horse experience (and contingent upon interview) or 16 without horse experience
  • The role of a HORSE LEADER is to be responsible for the horse. Horse leaders lead the horse during warm up, mounting, class time, and dismounting.
  • The role of the SIDER WALKER is to responsible for the rider. This means aiding in mounting and dismounting, stability assistance and safety of the rider while mounted and interacting with the rider through physical and social cues as directed by instructor.
  • Both Horse Leaders and Side Walkers are able to groom, tack and untack lesson horse and assist in arena cleanup after class.
  • Time commitment is 2 hours per week for the length of the session OR volunteers can sub in classes as needed. Lesson volunteers may commit to one or more weekly class. What we strive for in asking lesson volunteers to commit to working weekly with a rider through the course of a session is consistency. Consistency of rider, horse, volunteer teams create an environment that is best suited to successful experiences for all. If unable to commit to a weekly class, volunteers are encouraged to be part of the sub list. Being active on the sub list allows volunteers to sub in classes as available.
  • Lesson volunteers volunteer at the same time each week. For example, if volunteering in the Monday 4-5pm therapeutic riding lesson, one would arrive at 3:30 to prepare the horse, participate in the lesson from 4-5, and then spend time wrapping up the lesson from 5-5:30. Hence, a 2 hour a week commitment to do 1 class/week.

Office Volunteers
Volunteers who may not be keen about being around horses, or may need to limit their physical activity but have a knack for projects and a love of organization will find themselves more than welcome to be part of the action in the offices.

Fundraising and Special Event Volunteers
Fun and rewarding chances to help plan and implement fundraising and other special events as well as be creative. Fundraisers and events make an impact in drawing the community’s attention and support to CTRC.

Internships or School Credits
Looking to Intern for credit or complete school required volunteer hours? CTRC has great internship opportunities. We are often able to arrange for school or college credit. Find out more..

Volunteer Groups
With helping hands we can get a lot accomplished. Groups generally help with facilities projects such as painting fences, weeding, or construction. Because projects the group will to volunteering their efforts to tackle are in most cases outside, acceptance of group volunteers for projects is season dependent. Adult and junior groups are welcome to inquire. Our minimum age for group volunteers is 14.

Court-Mandated Community Service Hours
CTRC will work with individuals to fulfill court appointed Community Service Restitution as long as the individual is able to comply with the following guidelines for completing hours at CTRC:

  • 18 years or older – If you are a minor, a parent or guardian must accompany you
  • Assist with facility maintenance (painting, cleaning, etc…) and office work
  • Hours for community service need to be arranged – NO evening hours
  • •The required documentation from the court must be brought to be signed and copied
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Our horses work hard so we make sure they have chances to enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation everyday through pasture turnout. Turn-in/Turn-out volunteers assist in moving nearly 30+ horses to and from 6 different pastures (Monday – Friday) for 1-2 hours each week. REQUIREMENT: must be trained on procedures and able to manage the physical demands of turn-in/turn-out.

Mucking Team (Muckers)
It takes a large herd to serve all of our riders and we need help cleaning up after them! Muckers help us by cleaning out stalls (Monday – Saturday) for 1-2 hours each week. Though it’s not glamorous, it is a great way to spend some quiet time at the barn and enjoy the outdoors while getting some light physical activity. REQUIREMENT: must be trained on procedures and able to manage the physical demands of mucking.

Barn Team
Geared for volunteers who want to really get “up close and personal” with the horses and/or increase their horse handling skills. Barn Team volunteers provide special horse and stall care for their assigned horse each week. REQUIREMENT: must have volunteered in at least one 10 week or longer session and continuing to perform as a lesson volunteer.

Schooling Team
Open to advanced level equestrians only. These volunteers contribute to the horses’ overall well-being and job performance through riding, lunging, and/or natural horsemanship groundwork with our horses. REQUIREMENT: must have volunteered in at least one 10 week or longer session before applying, submit a Schooling Team Application and perform a riding evaluation with the Barn Manager prior to being accepted.

Training Team
This group of experienced CTRC volunteers assist in the training of new volunteers in the New Volunteer Trainings, during the beginning of the session, and as the need arises. REQUIREMENT: must already be volunteering as a lesson volunteer and have the knowledge in tacking, grooming, and working with riders in order to teach these skills to new volunteers.