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Circle of Life Pet Cremation Services

CTRC’s Social Enterprise

The way we provide cremation services at Circle of Life Pet Cremation Services reflects the mission of our nonprofit sister company, the Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center (CTRC). CTRC’s Retired Horse Sanctuary, where retired therapy horses receive care as they move toward the end of their lives, is a unique part of CTRC’s mission and it has provided us with special knowledge and experience that will carry into the next phase of our work – the care of companion animals nearing and after their deaths – as Circle of Life Pet Cremation Services. As CTRC’s new social enterprise, Circle of Life Pet Cremation Services expands our decades-long nonprofit venture. CTRC will continue to maintain our commitment to our riders, volunteers and horses as we embark on providing this sister service of pet cremation.

We bring to our new endeavor a commitment to excellence, compassion, dedication to the human-animal bond and our deep understanding of, and belief in, the wonders and powers of animals in our lives. Circle of Life Pet Cremation Services is dedicated to providing compassionate care for pets at the end of life, and to supporting their humans during this difficult process of transition. We believe in the unique power of the human-animal bond, and we treat every animal we work with exactly how we would want our own beloved companion animals to be treated – with sensitivity, respect, and gentleness.

COL Collage

While Circle of Life Pet Cremation Services is a for-profit business, you can rest assured that it will always uphold CTRC’s mission – as its profits will go to support and sustain CTRC. Therefore, together we can take a very difficult time in life, and with compassion and great care, allow it to be a time of healing and health for others – and coincidentally ourselves. Thus, the Circle of Life…

Circle of Life Pet Cremation Services is honored to work with the best veterinarians in the area but Circle of Life Pet Cremation Services also provides our services to individuals as well.


Circle of Life wishes to provide you the personal attention and care that you deserve. We feel we can server you best by speaking with you personally but are happy to connect with you via email as well. If you need to utilize Circle of Life’s services or have any questions please reach out to us.