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Think your horse has what it takes to be a Therapy Horse?
Answer the questions below. If you have more true than false your horse might have the “Right Stuff” to have a second career as a therapy horse.

  • My horse is physically sound, and does not have any major health related problems.
  • My horse tolerates two people working on both sides simultaneously.
  • My horse has some level of professional training.
  • My horse can tolerate loud noises and does not startle easily.
  • My horse can maintain his cool when startled by moving objects.
  • My horse is a comfortable mount with even gaits.
  • My horse can handle uneven weight on their back.
  • If a rider becomes unbalanced, my horse will stop and wait for the rider to regain control.
  • My horse is comfortable with strangers and enjoys the company of humans.

Donate a Horse to CTRC

CTRC’s therapeutic horses serve as unique vehicles for inspiring positive changes in the lives of our participants. “Equine Therapists” are, clearly, the heart of our services. They do not only provide the therapeutic movement that is critical to our riders’ clinical progress, they provide an unconditional acceptance and bond with our riders that is life enriching. CTRC maintains a herd of 25+ horses who serve as unique vehicles for inspiring positive changes in the lives of our participants – and every one has been donated to us!  Without people in the community donating exceptional horses, CTRC would be unable to operate.

We Care For Our Horses…
Our horse management program emphasizes optimal nutrition and an exercise and preventative care regime to maximize health, soundness, productivity, and well-being. Horses are kept on a regular vaccination, de-worming and farrier schedule and we individually evaluate and address nutritional needs. Daily, we turn horses out on 30 irrigated acres of pasture and return them to an individual sheltered run with an automatic waterer. Weekly a “Barn Buddy” volunteer gives their assigned horse special care and extra TLC. Our horses also receive an equine massage, chiropractic care and exceptional veterinary care. Additionally, “Schooling Team Members” (specially selected and trained volunteers with exceptional equestrian experience) ride the horses to keep the horses tuned up, balanced and mentally fresh.

What We Look For in a Therapy Horse…
Serving our clients is a mentally and physically challenging job for many of our equine friends. Consequently, it is essential that our horses have a solid work ethic, enjoy people and are healthy and sound. A great therapy horse is sound at the walk, trot and canter, with three rhythmic and balanced gaits. The quality of the horse’s movement is what most benefits the participant. Other qualities we require include experience, good vision, trained, quiet and at least six years of age. Our riders have a very wide range of special needs, and our herd must be varied to meet those needs; therefore, the specific qualities we are seeking in a horse can change depending upon the current needs of our program.

The Donation Process…
CTRC therapy horses carry precious cargo and we take great care in selecting, evaluating and training them. First an evaluation of the horse’s conformation, movement, and behavior is conducted, as well as their ground manners, ability under saddle, and suitability for riders with disabilities. If the horse is considered a candidate for delivering CTRC services the horse is brought in for a 60-day trial period. If the trial period is a success, donation papers are signed and the horse is welcomed with warmth and enthusiasm in to CTRC’s therapeutic herd.